nanowrimo survival tips & plotting troubles

I come to you today with two topics of discussion: First, how to survive a month of fast-paced noveling and second, a whine about my plotting troubles.

I think I’ll start with NaNo Survival.

If you’ve never attempted NaNoWriMo and have been considering it, let me help make your decision easier: DO IT.  It’s so much fun and so worth it when you cross the finish line to 50K.  The first time I attempted NaNo, I won and it was a glorious feeling.  If you’re on the fence about it, just DO IT.  You won’t regret it.

First tip I can give you: Decide that failing is not an option.  Commit to this.  Commit to it wholeheartedly.  Decide you’re gonna do it and show up.  Sit your butt in that chair and put your fingers on the keyboard.  It’s the only way this thing is going to get done.

Second, TELL ALL THE PEOPLE EVERYWHERE that you’re doing this.  Being accountable to your mom, your therapist, your dog, etc will really help motivate you to finishing this thing.  Because who wants to say, “Yeah, I started but I got stuck and I gave up.”  No one, that’s who.  So tell people that you’re doing this.

Join your local region and go to events.  It helps.  Trust me.  Being around people who are doing the same crazy thing you are really helps because suddenly all of your excuses for not writing are lame.  Stuck?  Your local wrimos are there to talk you through it.  Time issues?  I know that there are ALWAYS people around to have it out in word wars with me no matter what the time of day.

Stock up on essential provisions: diet coke, coffee, vitamins, handy snacks.  The fewer times you have to get up, the better.

HAVE FUN.  That’s the whole point of this endeavor.  To write a novel, have fun, and challenge yourself as a writer.


Now, onto the whining part of my post.  I have a beginning and an end.  Both of those things are solid in my mind.  What I don’t have is action.  I need desperation and angst.  I need drama and conflict.  I need things to HAPPEN to my protagonist, Persephone.  But the best way to handle this is to break it down.  So I’m going to attempt to do that now.

Health, Peace, & Happiness,

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