camp nano: day 1

Well, it’s day one of Camp NaNoWriMo and luckily for me I had the foresight to request off the first few days of this month.  For some reason that I’ve yet to figure out, I’ve decided to make my goal for the month 70,000 words.

Yep, that’s right. 70. Thousand. Words.

Dear lord help me.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  But I’m stuck with it now so I’m just going to keep pressing forward.  I’m hoping that I can get a really good head start with these days that I have off.  I seem to be on the path to doing that since I’ve already hit my word count goal for the day.  And really, 2,334 words a day isn’t THAT many, right?

I’m actually really excited about this month.  It’s been a stressful year for me thus far and I’m hoping that having a NaNo this early in the year will help me get my sorry ass back into gear.  Before today I’d written just under 33K this year.  That’s not really all that much, not for three months worth of writing.  Not for all the plans I had for this year.

Silly me though, when I made my writing schedule, I just assumed that Life would fall into line and I’d have all my free time to write and edit.  /facepalm.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Life NEVER falls in line with your plans.  That’s why it’s called Life.

So the plan NOW is to finish this boyband thing.  It turns out that it’s not really a romance story anymore.  It’s still a love story, but the cool part is that I don’t really know how it’s going to end.  So that will be a nice little surprise for everyone involved.  It’s going a lot smoother now that I know where the story starts.  I started getting all these ideas of things that happened to my characters before the point where I had the story starting originally.  I was getting frustrated because I was trying to confine this story into the parameters of a certain genre.  Then I had the DUH moment of, “Just write the damn story and worry about genre later.”  Since that moment, things are going a lot better, and by that I mean they’re going a lot smoother.

After this thing is done this month (BECAUSE MY GOD I WILL FINISH IT THIS MONTH IF IT KILLS ME) I will start to work on finishing up some of those shorts and novellas that I’ve got started and scattered all around the place.  After that, I think it’s time to edit something.  We’ll just have to see what that something is when I get to that point.

Until then-

Health, Peace, & Happiness,

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6 Responses to camp nano: day 1

  1. 70k? Girl. You got this.

  2. averythorne says:

    Sorry, my jaw dropped for a moment; let me pick it up.
    Dude, I wholeheartedly cheer you on in this. That’s awesome, just…. awesome. I hope you succeed.

    Also, you say you’re weird. Weird people are great.


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