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First up: A quick update on my current project, “Rise Again.”  It’s going great, you guys.  Really.  I brought another chapter to #NaNoPants this past Wednesday and it seemed to go over really well.  I even got the compliment (despite it not being Thursday) that it appeared that all of my world-building and plotting had paid off!  Woo hoo!  I’m super excited about this book and I should have another chapter by Wednesday.  Maybe two?  We’ll see.

But today isn’t for writing.  Today is Sunday and is the day I set aside for other writing-related activities.  If you follow me on Twitter (which really, you should because it’s generally a good time) then you’ve seen me hashtag Reading Sunday.  A month or two ago I realized that I had so many people I was reading for that I was struggling to find a balance between beta reading for people and writing my own stuff.  If I spent a night reading, I’d feel bad about not upping my word count.  If I spent a night writing, I got the twinge of guilt from not reading because these other writers need their feedback.

Then it hit me. I don’t write on Wednesdays (unless I have a day off from the Day Job) because that’s NaNoPants night.  I don’t feel guilty about that because I specifically set that night aside to go to group and either read for people or have my stuff read.  So I could just pick another day/night that I set aside specifically to read.  It was brilliant.  The Cheerleaders (my online writing group) helped me pick Sundays.

And really – Sundays are a great day for reading.  Even if I have to work, it’s a short day.  Sundays were made for laziness and lounging around.  It’s perfect and honestly, I’ve really come to enjoy them.  As I mentioned in my previous post about beta reading, this has become such a great exercise in strengthening my own writing.

The cool part is that it’s kind of catching on with some of my friends.  One of the other NaNoPantsers has started using Sundays for reading.  And one of the Cheerleaders has No Computer Tuesdays where she can get more reading done (although hers is of the published variety).

What about you?  Do you have a day for writing-related activities?  How do you balance your beta-reading with your writing time?

Health, Peace, & Happiness,

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